Second Chances

We believe everyone has second chances. Big House Beans Specialty Coffee Roasters not only sources and roasts the best coffees out there, but seeks to provide opportunities to anyone who has a vision for their future and a heart to work hard. We are a small business focused on true, equal opportunities. We hire, mentor and teach skills to the "least desirable" yet hard working men and women because why not?

As a former San Quentin prison inmate, John Krause | Owner and Founder knows of the challenges life can throw at you. After reentering society and finding hope again in a like minded community, he decided to build a sustainable business model to empower others who like him, fight to fit the mold. After starting Big House Beans in 2014 John has sought to employ those with barriers. Now, his goal is to put together a solid executive team who will take on the task of mentoring future employees and allow them to advance in their professional and personal life. His vision is to deliver high quality coffee and service to individual customers or companies who become partners in the creation of opportunities through the business.

Xavi Guerrero | Director of Coffee started consulting for John back in September 2016. Although not from the same background as him, his unique experience in coffee quality and product development has made him a key player on the BHB team. His focus is to create and implement industry standards to source and roast awesome coffee from all over the world. That way we can be proud and confidently offer high quality competitive products.

Gayle Momono | Customer Service/Logistics is probably the oldest one on the team. Her wisdom and knowledge of managing a produce distribution company is unquestionably important to our operations. She makes it happen by ensuring all customers get just what they ordered and in time. In her spare time, she will be cooking awesome meals that will gladly share with the team, and man they are good!

Abegail Cariaso | Design/Marketing the youngest member of the team, Abegail is a recent San Jose State graduate with a BA in Graphic Design and Minor in Advertising. She found Big House Beans on accident, but she fit right in. She beautifully puts together designs and crafts with her imagination the little details that most of the time you won't notice but make the bigger picture pop! 

Rob Freedman | Customer Success & Growth Manager tunes up all our resources, from social media, to website and internal and external communications. Rob runs a non profit on the side to support villagers in rural Democratic Republic of Congo. His passion for coffee and to help others keeps him going, maybe that's the caffeine, but he is surely driven by both.

Big House Beans is second chance. Every person is different, but we all have a purpose. We believe in birthing potential through highlighting diversity. We source unique coffees to keep the spectrum wide, allowing each one to flourish in its own way. We believe that of people as well. That is why the main goal of Big House Beans is to empower individuals through unconditional love and opportunities. To caffeinate and embrace our community through every bag of coffee. From the bloom, to the last sip.