FOG Studio Designs BHB In Oakland! - Big House Beans

FOG Studio Designs BHB In Oakland!

Big House Beans Oakland

Oakland, California

During the course of design for their new Brentwood Library location, the owners of Big House Beans committed to yet another café location, in the thriving Temescal District in Oakland, and commissioned FOG Studio for architectural services for that project as well. The ground floor of a new mixed-use building right on Telegraph Avenue provides an exciting setting for this cutting-edge café.



The space is designed as a series of zones offering a range of seating types and uses: “cupping” demonstrations at a communal table next to the barista, counter stools for people-watching at the expansive windows, small tables along white oak benches, and a family-oriented zone at the rear. The motifs of rising from the ashes, in the form of phoenixes and flame-red accents, speak to BHB’s founding and ongoing transformation.



After many COVID-related delays, Big House Beans Temescal will open September 2021: a new living-room space for this dense urban community.

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